Wash Your Car @ Your Door Step
about Us
“To provide a highly civilized and professional car wash service through a unique concept”

Mission Statement

At Wash-It© we are determined to develop a unique concept and to provide our clients with an exceptional and highly civilized and professional car washing services, through emphasizing on Convenience, Quality, Value, Service, and Responsibility.


The Business

Wash-It© is a car wash company providing a creative, unique, and highly civilized concept unmatched by any other car wash provider.

The main characteristics of Wash-It© are:

  1. we provide car washing and detailing services to communities’ residents on subscription basis (Monthly, Bi-Yearly, or Yearly), and we strive to deliver a hustle-free, professional, and highly civilized service to our clients in order to maintain the elegant and clean appearance of their vehicles, our motto is “Wash Your Car @ Your Door-Step”
  1. we emphasize on the professional operations through the civilized appearance of our highly trained workers while using the efficient and proper material and equipment in providing our service (i.e. proper and distinctive tidy uniforms, and personal clean appearance and hygiene of our workers), as opposed to the unlicensed and unprofessional persons currently providing this type of service;
  1. in providing our services, we use the best custom made computer systems to manage the subscriptions and contracts and to provide the ultimate customer care experience to our clients;
  1. we take into consideration the environmental requirements and the necessity to preserve the water, therefore, our workers are trained not to waste water while cleaning the vehicles;
  1. we have no true competitors providing the same unique, civilized, and high quality service for a reasonable rate. In particular, despite the demand, in the areas that Wash-it© is planning to offer its services, such service is not available until today;
  1. we contribute to the sense of security in the community where we provide our services by being available and providing the service professionally and quietly at the early hours (from 4 am onwards), and
  1. most importantly, Wash-It© is duly licensed to provide the car cleaning services and it was officially consented by top officials at the ministry of labor acknowledging the uniqueness and the civilized characteristic of the Wash-It© concept.

Why us?

Because for all of us, our cars are a personal property and asset that we care for, and because reports have been made in certain cases on cars being stolen or damaged by illegal car washers, and because of the uncivilized and unprofessional manner illegal workers provide the car wash around the city, The Dubai Municipality inspectors, in cooperation with Dubai Police and the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department, the Ministry of Labor, and all the other relevant governmental authorities are conducting inspection campaigns to ban illegal and unlicensed car washers and watchmen from providing the car wash.

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