Wash Your Car @ Your Door Step
our Principles
Convenience - At Wash-Itİ, we understand the value of time for our clients; therefore, we strive to provide them with a hustle-free and convenient service by washing their cars at their doorsteps. We make every effort to insure that everyone receives professional, prompt, and courteous service. Our motto is “Wash Your Car @ Your Door-Step”;

Quality - At Wash-Itİ, we want to be known for our unique concept and the highly civilized quality service that we offer. Hence, we use the best custom made computer systems and software to manage the subscriptions and to provide the ultimate customer care experience to our clients. Also, we emphasize on the professional operations through the civilized appearance of our highly trained workers while using the efficient and proper material and equipment in providing our service.

Value- At Wash-Itİ, we understand that value is critical and is about getting what you pay for. Therefore, we make sure that our services are sensibly priced and that the services that we provide are highly competitive and are the best in the industry.

Service - At Wash-Itİ, we believe that service ties everything together, and that we provide the best services in our industry. Therefore, we developed a concept that is unmatched by any other competitor in the market. From the way we offer our services to, to the way we perform our jobs; we want our clients to praise their experience with us and to refer their friends and relatives.

Responsibility - At Wash-Itİ, we believe that we all live on the same planet and we all hold responsibility to preserve its resources. Therefore, we take into consideration the environmental requirements and the necessity to preserve the water while providing our services. In this regard, our workers are well trained to maximize the utilization of water and not to waste it while cleaning the vehicles.

The mission of our company is the reason why we are in existence. We know that as we follow this mission statement our clients will truly have an exceptional and unique experience!
our Objectives
  • To set and maintain a high standard in Convenience, Quality, Value, Service, and Responsibility.
  • To position Wash-It© as the pioneer in the mobile monthly subscriptions car wash concept.
  • To increase the community’s general awareness for the necessity of the mobile monthly subscriptions car wash concept.
  • To reach and provide the services to new communities, and to increase our market share within 48 months of operations.